Old Department Store Becomes Vermont High School
Have you ever wondered what will become of all of the anchor department stores that have closed in the local malls? There is a Vermont city that has repurposed a Macy's into a high school for their students to learn in. Some adjustments had to be made but the students are loving their new Macy&…
Anchor Stores In Local Malls Could Close
A major retailer located in both Crossgates Mall and Colonie Center is in jeopardy of closing. The company announced today that over one hundred anchor stores in malls across the country will close.
Time To Get Hired For A Holiday Job
If you are looking for a part-time seasonal job, this is the best time to start looking and get hired. A lot of box stores and chain retailers are looking for a ton of holiday help.
NY Macy's Store Closures
Decreased sales over November and December are to blame for some major "adjustments" being made at the giant retailer Macy's. These cost-cutting measures will force the closing of 40 stores nationwide but will effect ALL stores when it comes to cutbacks and layoffs. In a state…
More Store Closings!
More store closings are coming this year and at least three of them are here in the Capital Region! Macy’s is going to close some stores across the US and lay off some workers. The department store announced a restructuring that will shift workers from 830 Macy's and Bloomi…

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