Ben and Jerry's new Moo-phoria line is the latest healthy ice cream concoction trying to cash in on the Halo Top craze and I'm pretty annoyed. Can we stop with the line of 'ice cream that isn't really ice cream but tastes like ice cream, and is kinda bad for you, but not really, ice cream'? I'm seriously so sick of it.

I love ice cream and I love frozen yogurt and I would eat it every day if I could. Unless you can't have dairy or have dietary or health restrictions that prevent you from having certain foods, just eat the regular stuff. Life is too short to eat Halo Top which tastes more like freeze dried space food, than ice cream. Regardless, it is the #1 selling ice cream in the world.

With anything, there needs to be balance. I'm no dietitian, but at almost 45 years old, I've seen my body go through all sorts of changes. I've been skinny to husky to fat to fit to skinny-fat to fat-fat to fat-fit and everything in between.  Here's what I've learned: if I eat when I'm hungry, go hard at the gym 2-3 days a week, get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish and healthy nuts, I feel and look pretty good, regardless of how much Ben and Jerry's I'm eating. When I'm eating fast food from gas stations and in plastic packaging and not going to the gym, I feel and look like crap. It's kind of that simple, for me anyways.

The regular Ben and Jerry's ice cream with gooey gobs of peanut butter or chocolate brownie chunks is more than likely not going to kill you if you have balance. If all you do is eat Halo Top but never go to the gym, eat crap made from processed foods and drive thru's and never leave the house, you're not doing yourself any favors.

The marketing and science behind the new Ben and Jerry's Moo-phoria states that it will have fewer calories, less fat (60-70%) and less sugar than regular ice cream and surely it will be a hit. I'll more than likely try it, and then go back to eating the kind of ice cream I want. You know, the delicious, fattening, gooey, chunk laden, non-Halo Top variety!



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