This will be a short rant on my part, but I've been reading some very negative comments about Andy Rooney.  People saying "don't let the door at CBS hit you on the way out", or "who cares that your paper clips are all bent in your desk drawer, you idiot" and things like that.  "Don't you just hate people who don't respect a legend?  I do!" And so does Lou Roberts!

He's 92 years old, for God sakes!  Cut him some slack!  According to

The 92-year-old will announce the move at the end of this Sunday's essay, which the network notes will be No. 1,097 since 1978. Though a network fixture, Rooney has run into repeated criticism that he's out of touch with modern culture, notes the TVNewser blog.

HE WAS ALWAYS COMPLAINING ABOUT MODERN CULTURE!  WHAT THE HECK ARE THESE CRITICS TALKING ABOUT?   That was his "shtick", for crying out loud! He was always crying out loud!

There always seems to be this tendency in celebrity-land to "pile on the old guy", and it's a little sad.  (You notice I'm saving this for my blog, because if I said this on the show, the young "whipper snappers" that I work with would say that I'm just sensitive because I'm older too. ) No.  I would say this if I were their age as well.   I've always had a soft spot for the elderly.  They have so much more experience and wisdom than we'll ever have, and we should tap into that instead of rendering them as useless when they start to wrinkle.

Can you imagine having a writing session with Andy Rooney?  He'd still teach you and me more at 93 years old than we'd get anywhere else (so what if he writes on a World War II style typewriter!)

Here's to you, Mr Rooney!  May you continue to complain your way into our hearts through your other work, and may we see 93 more years of it!  (Did you know that he lives in our area?  True!)