Drama, angst, joy, and heartache. Welcome to the crazy world of Reality Television: Latham, New York edition!  Just one night after Latham's Moriah Formica surprised many of us when she appeared as a contestant during Hollywood Week of American Idol, her short-lived run on the show has ended.

On Sunday night, many of us were surprised to see a familiar face to the local music scene and Voice Season 13 top 20 finalist. 18-year-old Moriah Formica, from Latham, surprisingly appeared during group rounds on American Idol.  Shocked to see her on the show, she once again became a local contestant we were going to root for.  Many of us in the Capital Region felt that her run on The Voice some 16 months ago ended prematurely when the standout singer was inexplicably cut from Team Miley Cyrus in a move - that at the time - Miley mentioned that she might regret.

Here we go again.  Another shot at reality tv stardom.

Formica was paired with Myra Tran, Juan Pablo and Jade Flores, and they called their group Diversity.  A collection of singers that had talent but was dealing with a bit of adversity on their own as their personalities clashed.  The group pulled it together though, and sang well enough to survive Sunday night's show, awaiting the next round of cuts that would happen on Monday evening's show.

As Lionel Richie delivered news of their fate to the room full of hopefuls that including Moriah, he was the man who had to inform them that, regrettably, their American Idol journey was over.  As many contestants cried and consoled one another, Latham's Formica just sat alone on the floor.  She staring stoically ahead, shockingly, as she learned that her Idol journey had abruptly come to an end, almost as quickly as it had begun.

No final goodbyes.  No fanfare.  No Idol Judge regret.  As far as Formica is concerned, it's back to the drawing board for a rising young singing star who hasn't let the disappointment of 'reality tv' dull her shine.

The reality is that she's doing just fine!


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