I think this video is hysterical but I am really not sure who it is making fun of: the men who subject themselves to this sort of abuse or the women who use them to feed their obsession. The title is "Instagram Husband" but let's be honest, it could be Facebook or Twitter just as easily. When will the madness end?

Listen, I get it. You want to look good and you want people to think your life is so much better than it is, if not better than theirs. We all want these things. Truth of the matter is though it seems like these days if people spent half as much enjoying the moments of their lives instead of taking a picture or video of it, we would all be happier. I mean it seems like if we don't share something on social media complete with photos it never really happened.

All that aside, listen ladies we are more than human selfie sticks. We have brains and personality and something more to offer a relationship, we deserve respect as equals and men of value. #menonism




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