By now, you may have seen this story already. The "Brat" of NASCAR himself, get in trouble with police when they clock him at 128 m.p.h. in a 45 m.p.h. zone. At first, I thought of course its Kyle this kid is a maniac and should have been thrown in jail right then and there.  I mean he could have killed someone, clearly he has no regard for public safety and thinks he is above the law. Then I saw the car.

Apparently, he was test driving the new car from Lexus. A yellow Lexus LFA. On the track his parent company is Toyota so it's no surprise he would get a chance to drive this car before anyone else. After seeing this car in action, I think the real mistake was letting anyone drive it on any city street. Let alone a NASCAR driver who thinks 180 M.P.H. is going slow. This car goes from 0 to 120 m.p.h. in 11 seconds, and doesn't hit the "red zone" until 180. I'm not justifying what the man did, but I think after watching this video I can actually understand how it could kind of "get away from him".

Take a look at this car in action.

I know, right? What a car. Now if you all would like to donate, I'm thinking of starting a "Get Sean a Lexus LFA" fund. Send all donations to me at the station. God Bless.