One of the most iconic American companies is "going under", and it saddens the heck out of me.  And pardon the sarcastic headline, but do you wonder why?

According to CNN, this is what their stock price looks like right now!

screen shot from cnn

I'm not saying that I blame them by any means.  They have become a casualty of technology.  I can remember when a roll of Kodak film was just as necessary as the camera that you were totin' (and many times it was a Kodak camera too!).   And of course you had to go to them to have the film developed as well.  They had the market cornered.

Today we ALL have cameras or a  cellphone that substitutes for one.  Who needs them anymore?  I feel bad for saying that, but they haven't created a demand for anything they have to offer.  You can do stellar things with a nice camera and a computer that will rival Hollywood productions!

Here's an example.    Check this out.  This is a video that I found on YouTube.  The concept is great.  Canon camera commandos try to save a girl kept hostage by Nikon terrorists.  But even more important: look at the quality of the production on this thing!

I feel bad for some of these old school companies who just can't keep up with the pace of tech today, don't you?   Would love to see your comments below!


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