30 years ago on a day like today, a few of my buddies and I would walk around the streets of Albany with shovels in hand, ringing people's doorbells to see if anyone needed help with their driveways and sidewalks.  In a few hours, we'd probably make $75 or $100.  It amazes me that I literally saw zero kids out there hustlin' to make a few bucks on a day where we just got pounded by a foot or more of snow.

Earlier today, my brother-in-law and my teenage nephew fired up my dad's snowblower and did my parents driveway and sidewalk.  With the three of us getting busy, it took maybe 40 minutes of work and Ma and Pa Codes were good to go.  My father asked my 17-year-old-nephew Nick, why he doesn't take the snowblower out for a few hours and make some money.  Nick replied, 'Why would I go outside in the cold for a few hours when I can stay inside where it's warm and eat soup and watch football for 8 hours?'

It made me laugh out loud.

Hard to argue with the kid, because I was thinking the same exact thing.  But then again, my side hustle days are long gone with a bad back and messed up shoulder.  But for a 17-year-old, put in a few hours and make a $100 bucks or so.

That's a lot of Chunky Soup you can stock up on!

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