There is a program for kids to learn how to ski and snowboard at mountains in and around the Capital Region. If you are looking to get your kid on the slopes, it won't break the bank.
 In its twentieth year, the SKI/NY program introduces kids all over New York state to skiing and snowboarding with the Ski & Ride Passport Programs. This offers free lift tickets, discount lessons, and other perks.

The Ski & Ride Passport Program will cost just thirty-one dollars per Passport, per child for a season-long pass. They are able to use their lift tickets on many of the mountains throughout the state. To sign up for the Passport Program, parents can apply online HERE. Your kids will be able to ski the next day as temporary passports will be mailed to you as soon as they are processed through email.

SKI/NY is hoping that this program continues to expose more young people to skiing, snowboarding, and other alpine sports. The goal is to also grow the sports' popularity while making it accessible and affordable.

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