I had to read this one twice.  A 6th grader figured out a way to save us suffering taxpayers $400 million!  I'm not kidding.
Ink is so ridiculously expensive, isn't it?  The ink for our printer at home costs more than the dam printer!   Well you can imagine how much the government spends on cranking out official documents then, can't you?

14 year old kid to the rescue!  According to the Consumerist.com, Suvir Mirchandani, a 14 year old student from a Pittsburgh area middle school t figured out through the use of ink coverage software that by using a typeface called "Garamond", you go through much less ink than Times Roman or Century Gothic and the like.   Here's the story on YouTube

Do you believe that?  He even saved his school $21,000 a year!  Someone should offer to pony up his college tuition for this.  He's a genius…. !  (I don't see this typeface on the Mac though, but I guess the PC has it!  Better switch right now, or you'll be going through those cartridges like water!


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