What would you do if you were a taxpayer in Washington state and found out that a former city employee spent money on THIS?

It actually happened, according to the Associated Press, and the Yakima Herald Republic.  There was this lady who used to be the human services director in Washington.  At her going away party SHE is the one who ordered this scrumptious dessert.  The actual bill came to $757.40 for gourmet cupcakes.  Huh?  What's in them -cavair?

She insists that it was a legitimate expense!.  I think the city disagreed.. Calling it a"gross misuse" of taxpayer funds, she was ordered to pay it back.  How many were at this party?  I have so many questions, and there's so little time.

Christian Bakery Taken To Court By The Equality Commission
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BTW, just in case you think THIS is wasteful, you need to check out this website - the Daily Signal.  It lists many of the wasteful projects that have unknowingly come out of our pockets.  Here's just one research project that we the taxpayer have funded in 2014.

 The National Institute of Health funded a study to see if mothers love dogs as much as they love kids. Regardless of the results, this experiment cost taxpayers $371,026.


Well, dogs aren't nearly as wasteful as we are. They're good at recycling everything (by eating it!), so after reading this, I love dogs more too.



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