If your child likes to doodle, sketch or draw, their artwork could be worth a thirty thousand dollar scholarship. There is a contest that Google is running called "Doodle for Google" that has an opportunity for a young student to cash in with their artwork. According to WGRZ, this is the eleventh year of the contest and the prizes are not only a scholarship, but incentive for their school too.

Students grades K-12 are eligible. The contest page states that this year's theme, "When I grow up, I hope..." invites the students to show what they hope for in their future. Then to illustrate it in a doodle.

The winner of the contest's doodle will be displayed on Google.com for one day. They will get a thirty thousand dollar scholarship, a fifty thousand dollar technology package for their school or non-profit, and a trip to Google's headquarters in California. There will also be four finalists that will get a five thousand dollar scholarship and a free trip to California.

For more information and to submit your doodle, click HERE. There are two guest judges, Jimmy Fallon the host of the "Tonight Show" and Kermit the Frog.


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