Princess Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge was spotted at a Gap store in Kensington, London, on March 31!  She was shopping for her 8 month old, Prince George - they're getting ready for a tour of Australia.

A source tells Us Weekly that Kate picked up several items for the baby before picking out some pants for herself.

The Duchess bought some casual, affordable clothes like a green plaid onesie (possibly this adorable option), denim shorts, a navy-and-white striped onesie (perhaps this style), and navy-striped pants.

She waited in line like the rest of the shoppers, and sources say she paid with her own credit card.  The purchase cost about $210 (or 126 pounds).

Most of the time, when the public sees Kate buy something, it almost immediately sells out.  So, if you want any of the items she was picking out for George, you'd better get on it!

Photo: Jason Bell/Camera Press via Getty Images
Photo: Jason Bell/Camera Press via Getty Images

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