Undersea Tours of the Titanic Will Be a Thing in 2018 – Would You Do It?
A week ago, I was home and technically on "vacation." The downfall was, I was still super sick with bronchitis and really couldn't do a whole heck of a lot. That's when I got myself back in bed, turned on AMC and "Titanic" came on. I'm a sucker for Leo. I always have been. If I wasn't so sick I 1) wouldn't have even put the tv on to start with but 2) I definitely wouldn't have
Kate Middleton Shops At The Gap! Here’s What She Bought…
Princess Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge was spotted at a Gap store in Kensington, London, on March 31!  She was shopping for her 8 month old, Prince George - they're getting ready for a tour of Australia. A source tells Us Weekly that Kate picked up several items for the baby before picking out some pants for herself ...
Summer Olympics Promo Done Entirely In CGI [VIDEO]
The 2012 Olympic Summer games are less than a month away in London. I have always enjoyed watching the games and rooting on the good ol' USA. Doesn't matter the event I enjoy it all. Heck, I will even watch Soccer if the United States has a chance!
Brad Paisley Unrecognizable in Europe
Brad Paisley kicked off the European leg of his world tour Wednesday night at London's O2 Arena and while the crowd knows who he is on stage, he is unrecognizable in other places.