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Love Cowboy Cleans Up Britain's Royal Mess
Believe it or not, the Love Cowboy cares about things outside of Cobleskill.  We were as shocked as anyone but he proved us wrong with analysis and breakdown of  things related to the much ballyhooed 'Royal Mess'.  In this segment with Brian and Chrissy in the morning on GNA, the LC helped the commo…
Duchess of Sussex Looks to Upstate New York for Jewelry
Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is one of the newer members of the royal family. They're rich, they could have clothing, jewelry, anything from anywhere in the world. Did you know recently, she picked something from Upstate New York?
Kate Middleton Shops At The Gap! Here’s What She Bought…
Princess Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge was spotted at a Gap store in Kensington, London, on March 31!  She was shopping for her 8 month old, Prince George - they're getting ready for a tour of Australia.
A source tells Us Weekly that Kate picked up several items for th…
People Who Impersonate The British Royal Family
There have been many people who have made a great deal of coin impersonating the rich and famous.  (Just take a drive to Las Vegas and count the Elvises! )  Need any more proof?  Well here's a new one for you-people that are dead ringers for the Royal Family!