Justin Bieber was under the influence of alcohol, pot and Xanax when he was arrested for DUI and drag racing last week, according to Miami Beach arrest records.

In fact, it seems the only thing he wasn't under the influence of was a set of decent parents.

And after he tweeted a couple weeks ago that he was retiring, I started thinking we should just let him.

Maybe the best thing for Justin, and America, is to let the guy go!

Here's why -

1. He's a boy.  A teenager with no supervision, and as much money as anyone could ever want.  There is no way that ends well.

2. All he knows, all he remembers, is performing, entertaining, and being in a fish bowl.  I'm sure he's tired of that, so, if he wants to "retire," maybe that's his way of saying "uncle!"  So why then, wouldn't we listen.

3. We've seen celebrities go down this road before, and very rarely does this road end in a good place.  We should do our part to make sure he gets help, instead of the alternative.  He's not a punchline, he's a kid!

4. He's a person!  A young, impressionable, vulnerable person.  He has feelings, and none of us (including me) have cared to think about that when we call for him to be deported, or arrested, or worse!  I mean, a petition to send him back to Canada was legitimately sent to the White House this week.  Think about, I mean really think about how that would make you feel.

5. Yes, celebrities do put themselves out there for both praise, and criticism, and thus, should accept the consequences.  However, would your 19 year old self have been able to handle all of this?  If you had nearly 50K people following you on Twitter as you went through your teenage years, how would that have gone?

I'm not saying we should give him a total pass here, please don't misunderstand.  He keeps breaking the law, so, of course he should be punished for that.  But, we need to be responsible as members of society and look at this tailspin for what it is... a cry for help.  Let's leave the poor kid alone.

Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images
Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

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