Would You Zipline Across Niagara Falls
Looking for some adventure for this summer? How about zip lining across Niagara Falls? If you are an adventurous type, this is for you. The MistRider Zipline to the Falls at Grand View Marketplace takes you on a ride into the gorge, towards the base of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.
Woman looses it, then throws it!
Have you ever gotten so mad at someone that you threw something at them? Maybe you threw a shoe, a drink, a picture frame! Have you ever thrown human feces at someone? Your own?
Live Birth Videos: Hell Yeah or Not a Chance?
Giving birth is one of the most incredible experiences a mom, dad and family will ever have.  But, do you want every moment of said birth documented for the rest of time for anyone/everyone to see? That's the question that I was contemplating as I was scrolling through the endless supply of nonsense on the internet this evening...

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