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Love Cowboy Makes Shocking On-Air Confession
It appeared to be a pretty normal 'help the listener' segment on GNA Monday morning, but it turned into something we certainly never expected.  A listener from Troy named Rachel needed some help determining if she should take back her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her a year ago.  Love Cowboy offered up the advice as well as a confession that we never thought we'd ever hear from a man so proud, old-
Dan of Dan + Shay Talks Biebs and Brady w/ Brian and Chrissy (AUDIO)
Dan Smyers, one-half of the country music rocket ship known as Dan + Shay, called into the WGNA morning show on Thursday to talk a little football and music. Dan will be featured Friday morning at 7:05 on the Brian and Chrissy morning show during their weekly Pigskin' Pickins segment, but we couldn't let our buddy get off the phone without making a bold prediction about tonight's NFL match-up betw
Watch Bieber All Grown Up and Handsome in Superbowl Ad [Video]
Well, well, well!  How about this guy!  Growing up, looking good, selling stuff! T-Mobile hired Justin Bieber to star in one of their Super Bowl ads, and he's showing off a new, mature look. The ad also features Rob Gronkowski and Terrell Owens and a cute, sassy little girl Nicely done...
Justin Bieber: Why We Should Let Him Retire at 19
Justin Bieber was under the influence of alcohol, pot and Xanax when he was arrested for DUI and drag racing last week, according to Miami Beach arrest records. In fact, it seems the only thing he wasn't under the influence of was a set of decent parents...

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