OK, Latham.  I have to hand it to you.  You ruined my theory about writing these songs.  Let me explain, and then I'll play you what I have for Latham, NY. 

I was accustomed to thinking that you really can't ask people in big towns or cities to give me information about where they live, because you really don't know much about a suburb or bedroom community.  You just sleep there and go to work or school and that's it.  WRONG!  You guys really stepped up, I must say, and I appreciate it greatly!

Thanks to all you "Facebookers" for all the great info.  Now onto the song - or shall I say song parody.  This is a takeoff on the song "Crushin' It", by Jake Owen.  Enjoy!

There are a TON of other Your Town Thursday songs.  Here is a link to the archives if you find other examples


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