We've come to the end of another week, so it's time once again to head back in time to feature a song you may have forgotten, or may discover for the first time with this weeks edition of Flashback Friday.

While thinking about what I was going to feature this week, I was on my facebook page and saw that our own Jeff Levack had posted a Joe Nichols tune. That got me remembering about his very first single. No, I'm not talking about "The Impossible". I mean even before that! This week we go back to 1996 for Joe's "Six Of One, Half A Dozen Of The Other".

Joe was only 19 when he released this song. It came from his self titled debut album on the independent label, Intersound Records. The song never charted on the Billboard charts, but I do remember CMT playing the video quite a bit back in the day and I remember liking the tune alot.

It would take Joe six years and alot of odd jobs later until he would have success with the album "Man With A Memory" and the Hits "The Impossible and the #1 "Brokenheartsville".

It's funny to see how Joe's style changed as well, a haircut and the loss of the hat has served him well.