I HATE spoilers! Especially when you have clearly told someone you have yet to see something and they blurt out the ending. Really? Where you not just listening when I said I can't wait to see it? What you don't see too often is this happen to a movie star, on a red carpet, in FRONT of the person the spoiler was about. That is why I love this video, and I have to say like Jennifer Lawrence a little better because she kept it real and showed what a fan (normal person) she is.

I mean she really does get mad at this woman , and if you ask me, rightfully so! Yet, she retains her grace and sense of humor as well, you gotta love her for that.

With all that said, I should warn you this is a spoiler about the show "Homeland", so if you are not up to date on the episodes, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO!  If you are, you will enjoy it.

This video from Access Hollywood, is from the red carpet of the "SAG Awards":

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