I am going to break down how I think the game will progress and give you what I am fairly confident the final score will be. Read on.

The Giants get the defensive edge against the Patriots. I think the Giants will have their first 15 plays called before the game starts and catch New England off balance by running a no huddle style and score a quick touchdown to jump out 7-o .

New England will actually have to punt a few times in the first half and the Giants will probably sack Tom Brady 4 times in the game and put him on his butt close to 20 times.

Halftime score should be 17-7 Giants. After we all fall asleep and take bathroom breaks during Madonna's lame halftime performance, the second half will open with New England putting points on the board. The Giants will kick a field goal in the 3rd quarter and the score will be 20-17 Giants at the end of 3.

In the fourth, the Giants will score a touchdown early and go up 27-17. New England will come back with a touchdown making it 27-24, and with about a minute to go Tynes will bang a field goal late putting the Giants up 30-24.

Brady will try to drive the length of the field and will get sacked and be down to no time outs left. The Giants will hold on defense and that should be your final. Giants 30- New England 24.

We'll come back and compare notes on Monday. Bear in mind that I am an Oakland Raider fan and have no interest in either team. I spent a day looking at all the post season stats and think that Eli Manning is the hotter quarterback at this moment,and he has better weapons to throw too. The Giants versus the Patriots on defense is a mismatch. The Giants will force Brady to throw all day and just make his life miserable with the four man pass rush.

What do you think? Let us know. Please enjoy the big game responsibly and don't drink and drive.

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