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The NY Giants Loss Has the Internet Freaking Out
The New York Giants. Our beloved team was ruling the Eastern Conference, well, until yesterday that is.
They were pretty proud of themselves, too it seemed. The team headed to Miami with a few days off prepping to get ready to play in the NFL Eastern Conference against the Green Bay Packers yesterday…
I Know Why The New York Giants Are Losing!
It's funny,  I know I have already thought of this myself and I'm sure most of us here in the Albany area have. Perhaps some would think it is just a joke or a cute story but to be honest I think there may very well be relevancy to it. I think the McKownille Fire Department may just b…
View From The Couch
It's been a LONG TIME since my "View from the Couch" was on the Sean and Richie Show but now it's Back!
NY Giants: Bennett
This year the New York Giants added a new Tight End Martellus Bennett. Bennett is pure personality and even a life saver. Not just for Eli Manning on third downs but for a fan.
Giants Leave Albany
In a decision that will surely receive some criticism from residents and small business owners across the Capital Region, a bombshell was dropped in the midst of all the NFL headlines surrounding the "coaching carousel" and this coming weekend's Wild Card playoff action. The New York Giant…
NFL Sunday
Will the Giants make the playoffs at all? That is the biog question amongst football fans in the Albany area. Heck, we host their training camp here at SUNY Albany, so we want them to get in.

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