A lot of great products that are around today have lost the creative flair of the hey day of television. Jingles used to and can still sell products.

Watching TV as a kid I remember singing along to all best jingles. Here are some of my favorites that I can sing word for word today that all have the same thing in common.

  5. Kentucky Fried Chicken "Get A Bucket Of Fun"
  4. Stridex "Give Your Face Something To Smile About"
  3. Pepsi "Join the Pepsi People"
  2. State Farm "Like A Good Neighbor"
  1.  McDonald's "You Deserve A Break Today"

    What all of these unforgettable commercial jingles and messages that sold billions of dollars worth of products have in common is Barry Manilow. Yes, remember we used to laugh at his songs guys? His Pop songs made him millions and he was the punchline of many bad jokes, but he was a musical genius and he wrote all of those incredible commercial jingles I listed above. State Farm still uses his "Like A Good Neighbor" jingle in their ads to this day, and Barry walks to the mailbox and collects a nice royalty check from them each month. Here's a music video taken from a Barry Manilow concert in which he set aside a portion of the show to sing the commercial jingles I had on my top 5 list plus some others you may have forgotten about.