We had a lot of different discussions on the show today that seemed to get people all in a tizzy to give their two cents. Man I love when that happens. One of them was the subject of taking the teaching of cursive writing out of schools.

I must admit I found it interesting how many people just couldn't fathom the idea. Yet when asked, when is the last time you needed to use cursive handwriting most were at a loss.

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The only real thing most people could come up with is when you have to sign your name to legal documents. This of course is not an issue because you do not have to actually sign your name in cursive on anything for it to be legal. You merely have to leave a "mark". It isn't as important what that is but more important that you are indeed the one who put it there. I for example would be amazed if anyone who say the squiggly lines I write when I sign a receipt actually resembled any real letter in the English language, cursive or otherwise.

To say that we must hold onto things that are no longer of use and even obsolete just because, "well that's the way it is", is just silly.  I am sure there were a great many years, actually perhaps a thousand years wasted telling kids they must learn Latin in school while the whole time they argued, "..but Mom, no one even talks in Latin anymore!" to which Mom said something like , "You will see, it will come back and you will be glad I made you learn it!" That poor kid is still waiting.

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Times change, people have to change with them. It really is that simple. Believe me the older I get the harder it is for me to accept myself. It took me 45 , umm, I mean 39 years to learn all the things I know, I don't want to have to keep learning new stuff!

A Gentleman asked me on the WGNA Facebook Page if I thought that the electronic age was making kids lazy. I said I don;t think it is making kids any more lazy then the cotton gin, the sewing machine, the microwave or even the car made us all lazy. I think instead maybe the inability of us "older" folk to move with the changes of a new world may in fact be due to our own laziness.

With that said, I need a nap all this thinking is just too much work.