Schoolhouse Rock Coming to Disney Plus
If you grew up in the early eighties, you probably learned a ton from those cartoon shorts from the series, Schoolhouse Rock. Disney Plus is bringing them back for a whole new generation of kids to learn from.
Cursive: Taught in Capital Region Schools or Not? [VIDEO]
I know I can write in cursive but aside from signing my name and maybe on the sporadic check, I never use it. I never really thought it hurt to learn it but I guess there are schools in the Capital Region that don't teach it anymore and it's causing problems.
It’s Time to Take Cursive Writing Out of Schools
We had a lot of different discussions on the show today that seemed to get people all in a tizzy to give their two cents. Man I love when that happens. One of them was the subject of taking the teaching of cursive writing out of schools.
I must admit I found it interesting how many people just couldn…
Learning And Education In America
Yesterday, when my sixteen year old son came home from school, I asked him the ever annoying, and almost rhetorical question. "How was school today?"  After the obligatory, "fine."  I thought maybe a follow up question would be a nice touch.