I know I can write in cursive but aside from signing my name and maybe on the sporadic check, I never use it. I never really thought it hurt to learn it but I guess there are schools in the Capital Region that don't teach it anymore and it's causing problems.

Democratic Assemblymember Jeffrey Dinowitz has introduced legislation to make teaching cursive in schools a requirement. According to CBS 6, there are many schools that do teach cursive but it's a local decision. A second grade teacher from Harmony Hill Elementary in Cohoes thinks that learning cursive is important to not only sign their names but to know how to read it.

A spokesperson for the New York State School Boards Association isn't against the idea of cursive but thinks that it should be a local decision. Based on the times and curriculum of the different schools, the focus may need to be more on typing and computers instead of cursive and shouldn't be forced to change that.

The State Department of Education is working on changing the English and Math in schools and unless this legislation goes through, the focus on cursive is still in the hands of each school to decide on themselves.

I don't have an issue with cursive. As I mentioned, it always seemed like a good thing to know how to read rather than the instances I've needed to use it. Should it be mandatory to teach? I don't think that's necessary, but it's important, even if parents have to teach it to their children themselves.

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