The largest school in the area and one of the biggest in New York State may be growing!

“This donation is a game changer,” says Superintendent Dr. L. Oliver Robinson. “It provides the space to meet so many needs, solving many current issues and providing capacity for years to come.” -Shenendehowa Central School District 

On Tuesday night, administrators from the Shenendehowa Board of Education approved a large charitable donation by DCG, a leading commercial property developer based out of Clifton Park.

5 Maxwell Drive, Clifton Park. This is the building Shen may acquire if voters approve the add-on. Google Maps
5 Maxwell Drive, Clifton Park. This is the building Shen may acquire if voters approve the add-on. Google Maps

School officials didn't specify how much the donation was for, but it's quite large and generous.

On Tuesday, Shenendehowa Central School District announced that, if approved by voters, they'd add a 150K square-foot building on 11 acres to their already sprawling Clifton Park campus.

Some reports say the property is valued at $20M.

School officials said on Tuesday that if this is approved by voters, there would be big changes to pre-K and kindergarten.

Below are some of the proposed add-ons, for a complete list, click here.

  • Create a full-day kindergarten center
  • Enhance pre-K provisions
  • Provide space for center-based Special Education
  • Provide expanded space for professional development
  • Purchasing land to construct a new K-5 elementary school
  • Purchasing land to construct a new Kindergarten Center
  • Move District Office Services: Human Resources, Curriculum, and Instruction, Special Education, Food Services, Business and Finance, Superintendent’s Office- eliminating the need for the current facility and creating an opportunity to sell and proceeds used to offset renovation of the newly acquired facility

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