January 4th.

That's an important date for Stewart's Shops full-time employees past and current.

That's the final date they have to join in on the class-action lawsuit, as stated within a letter sent out to full-time employees of the business. A lawsuit, I've been told by Ryan Finn via Facebook, currently has "over 140 individuals that have joined the suit as it progresses." As the days leading into the new year I'm sure that number will only grow.

Here's the thing though, while that number seems fairly large, an anonymous emailer who is a current Stewart's employee states that there are many more that would like to take place in the suit but fear for their jobs as well as retirement.

Stewart's Shops is accused of overworking their employees, while also not paying them for all of the hours they've worked, not giving the proper breaks to their employees, not having enough employees staffed at a time and more with accusations and complaints coming in on the daily.

After January 4th, the law firm that is handling the proceedings will be gathering the data against the local convenience store chain. In a comment from Facebook, Mark Muarer says this could "[take] 8-12 months" with the suit itself drawn out over the course of several years.

As more information trickles in, we'll make sure to update you along the way. We never like to hear about our friends and family being mistreated within our Capital Region. Here's to hoping this suit gets taken care of and goes smoothly.


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