The class-action case is a go according to a federal judge when it comes to the lawsuit alleging of unpaid wages for some Stewart's Shops employees.

A spokeswoman for Stewart's, Maria D'Amelia, seemed to believe that because a part of the claims had been denied class-action status that all of it would.

In a statement D'Amelia said:

"We feel strongly that the remaining [claims] will be denied class status as well, once all the evidence can be considered."

Stewart's Milk
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Well, things don't seem to have gone in their favor thus far. U.S. District Court Senior Judge Thomas J. MacAvoy is allowing the class-action suit to proceed. With this, current and former employees could benefit from any labor violations found and damages paid out by the courts.

So what are the former employees that filed the suit claiming? There are three things, really...

  • Employees who worked more than 40-hours weren't paid time-and-a-half or weren't paid for additional work such as bank runs or shift overlaps
  • Employees who were called in for meetings that were unpaid of the 3-hour minimum
  • Employees didn't receive uninterrupted meal breaks

The next step is sending out notices to all current and former employees, which needs to happen before the judge can sufficiently go over the evidence. So far, more than 30 current and former employees have joined the suit. Time will tell how this all plays out for Stewart's who own more than 330 stores across New York and southwest Vermont.

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