Having in lived in areas that had Uber, it is mind boggling we don't have the ride-share service in Albany. But here is how you can help change that.

So Marissa wrote a great blog about Uber and their efforts to come to Upstate New York. Obviously, Uber is making their case to operate in cities like Albany, Rochester and Buffalo with their “#NYNeedsUber” campaign. But besides posting with the hasthtag, what can you do to make it happen?

CALL YOUR LAWMAKERS! Yes, voicing your opinion with a hashtag is great, but ultimately, the squeaky wheel gets oiled, right? According to nyup.com, that is what Governor Cuomo is suggesting Upstate New Yorkers do - call those working on legislation to make it happen for Uber. The Associated Press is reporting he '...told reporters...it will take public pressure to get lawmakers to support Uber's expansion plan.'

Make your voice heard, and then maybe soon we will see those Uber drivers popping up on the app. It is such a great service and will definitely make getting around the Capital Region much easier..