Across the country, people everywhere have been able to utilize ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft with ease. Well, people everywhere but So, do we need it?

Back in June a bill was defeated to allow the expansion, but that's not stopping Uber. They want in! And I honestly don't blame them because, well, I would like them here, too!

Here's a story for you, in case you've never utilized this app. When I was in Orlando, FL in March my friend that I was with was driving back to Albany and I would be flying back due to my work schedule. My friend had gotten up and left from the hotel and I decided to do some walking and shopping before heading to the airport. I did some research on how much a cab would be and it wasn't pretty. A couple minute cab rid in Orlando from the mall to the airport was going to cost me an estimated $50+! My friend had suggested I check out Uber and because it was a first time use, it ended up being FREE. If I had to pay it would've been less than $10! Do we see the difference?!

When I got my Uber cab, my friend was able to see who was picking me up - a picture of the driver as well as their vehicle and information, as well as following our trip until I was safe on my destination. It was my first and only time I've been able to use Uber and I would use it again in a heartbeat. It was an amazing experience and saved me a bunch of unnecessary spending.

So on Wednesday, Uber decided to launch a campaign to pass legislation online using the hashtag "#NYNeedsUber" in hopes of expanding in its 2017 session.

Uber stated in an email to it's employees:

"Albany dysfunction and New York City special interests stood in the way last year - but we're determined to fight until people like you have access to affordable, reliable transportation options."


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