Recenttly we celebrated National Photo Day- and I celebrated by taking very few.   I'm trying not to be a killjoy here, but I read an article that really made me rethink all the photos I take.

 According to an article on they did an experiment at Fairfield University.  They took people to a museum.  They gave some of the group cameras, and others none.   After they visited they asked the group who snapped away what they remembered of the event.  They found that photoholics like myself routinely recalled less.  (Too busy adjusting their apertures).
camera hands off
photo by Richie - although I shouldn't be taking so many
I believe that actually. When I'm driving around the area or on vacation seem to see the whole experience through the viewfinder, thinking that the pictures will help me remember the event later.  Guilty as charged.
So I'm cutting back.  I'm joining a 12 step program and trying to curb my addiction.  I promise to take only 3000 shots a Countryfest this year.  How's that!!!!
Do you take too many shots?  How many pictures are in your phone's photo library?  That should tell ya!

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