It is unlawful to pass a stopped school bus in either direction but before this new legislation passed, it had to be witnessed by a police officer. Now the new law, which passed this week, allows surveillance cameras to be admissible to fine and prosecute the drivers who blow past a stopped school bus according to News 10 ABC.

Our son, Ryan, has taken the bus to school and there were always times that we were concerned for his safety. Never on board the bus, but waiting for it or getting off at his stop. There have been so many times that I have seen drivers disregard the many red flashing lights and that huge arm that comes out with a flashing stop sign. With this law, I hope drivers think twice not only for our kids' safety but because it will affect their wallets too.

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Bus drivers have had a difficult time in proving that their busses were passed when stopped. Before this law was enacted, it would have to be by chance that a police officer witnessed it. In Albany County, surveillance cameras will now be used to ticket, fine, and prosecute those drivers who unlawfully pass a stopped school bus. The school districts can provide the camera evidence and fines could be from $250 - $300 per violation.

Albany County Legislator Matthew Miller, who sponsored the bill said:

Drivers passing stopped school buses is a way too common occurrence and I believe this bill, combined with strict enforcement, will become a deterrent to these impatient drivers who put so many lives at risk every day. No family should have to have to be worried about their child's safety while heading to or from school and this bill should help to mitigate those concerns for many years to come.

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