Hidden cameras able to see your exposed, or even naked body, may be the last thing you think about while your mind drifts off, melting into the table during a massage. But that's exactly what was happening at a massage parlor in Clifton Park.  Thankfully an investigation warranted a search, and the alleged man behind the camera was arrested.

According to CBS 6 News, the man arrested was 51-year-old Cheng Chang Dong of Albany. He is accused of 'unlawful surveillance' after state police came across the secret recording devices.

'Sisters Body Works' massage parlor is located at 1 Town Hall Plaza on Route 9 in Clifton Park.

While not exactly a well-known massage parlor in the CP community, Sisters Body Works did appear on a 'Google' search of 'massage parlors in Clifton Park' but had just one review and very generic-looking business photos.  The review, from a customer named Chen Sue, gave it 5 stars. No word on whether or not Sue, plans to take any kind of legal action against the parlor.

CBS 6 reports that the surveillance cameras were hidden inside smoke detectors.


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