I've lived in the Capital Region my whole life. I'm only 28 so even though I've noticed some changes to the city of Albany in that time, I love what the Albany Institute is doing to bring us back into history to see what Albany looked like 170 years ago.

I read on the Times Union that the Albany Institute of History & Art will soon have an exhibit featuring 175 photographs in the exhibit "Captured Moments" featuring photos as far back as the 1840s. I took a look through some of the photos and there are pictures of everything.

If you look through the photos of people, you may find a relative of yours in the mix, go through the buildings and you may recognize street names or structures but I'm sure they look completely different now. My favorite pictures though aren't just those looking at how things have changed then to now but the pictures that make you think, "That happened in Albany?" They have a picture of elephants marching down the street, streets covered in black after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the blizzard of 1888 and the floods of 1936 and more moments frozen in history thanks to these photographs.

You can see "Captured Moments: 170 Years of Photography at the Albany Institute" at the Albany Institute of History & Art through May 21st. If photography is your thing, you could also see the lecture on Saturday, April 30th about 19th Century Landscape Photography at 2:00PM, included with museum admission.

Take a look at the coverage by the Times Union for a few more featured images.

Unidentified photographer, Albany Institute
Unidentified photographer, Albany Institute

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