This story is just plain odd.

According to a story on News 10 ABC's website authorities investigated an incident in which a couple were taking pictures at the Tamarac Elementary School. The couple claimed to be from Holland and said they were curious because they had never seen a school bus before. Ok, I guess I can see that but the story comes just a few days after a man from China who was taking pictures outside a Clifton Park school said the same thing.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Listen I am not trying to get anyone concerned as authorities including those on a federal level have said they do not believe this was "suspicious", but I say, Isn't it?

Why is there so much interest in American school buses? Has this always been a thing and maybe we just never noticed before the "see something, say something" era we now live in? Perhaps.

Out of curiosity I did search for "school buses in Holland" and came up with some pictures of bicycle school buses that the kids pedal themselves and I must admit if I were visiting Holland and saw one I'm pretty sure I'd want to take a picture or two.

So should we be concerned? Officials say no, but I also know parents and I'm sure there will be plenty of eyes around our local schools for a while and I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing. Remember even if you think it might be silly, if you feel uncomfortable about something or someone you see, say something. It never hurts to be careful.

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