It's funny,  I know I have already thought of this myself and I'm sure most of us here in the Albany area have. Perhaps some would think it is just a joke or a cute story but to be honest I think there may very well be relevancy to it. I think the McKownille Fire Department may just be on to something.

McKownville Fire Department, Facebook Page
McKownville Fire Department, Facebook Page

The reason the New York Giants are win-less through four games, my friends, just may be because they left their upstate N.Y. training camp location.

Think about it: when you have your training camp "away" from home you are without a lot of the distractions that you face when you are close to friends and family. A cot in a dorm room with a roommate who is also trying everything they can to make the team can be far more conducive to learning and concentration. The "team" being together in a strange place and only having each other to hang out with, eat with, practice with makes for far more opportunities to bond.

I have to be honest, I don't know exactly how the training camp routine works when they have it in East Rutherford, NJ, but I do know that when they were here, they were loved and they were winning.

What do you think?



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