A few weekends ago while shopping for some Halloween stuff, I stumbled upon a mask that literally looks exactly like my dad, the venerable Papa Codes.  I totally did a double-take because for a split second, I thought it was him peering out at me from inside the rack.

I had no clue what the character was initially but after doing a little research, turns out the face is that of the main character in the Disney movie BFG.  Anyways, to test it's authenticity I decided to put the mask on in the halloween store and talk like my dad would, and true to form, Papa Codes 'the halloween costume' came to life and the legend grows.  BFG in the movie is Big Friendly Giant, but we've decided to now call the mask the 'Big Freakin' Guy'. Check out the post from my Instagram page followed by a photo of Papa Codes and judge for yourself. I'm actually considering simply being 'him' for Halloween.  Throw on a MAGA hat and the outfit is complete! 

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