Papa Codes

How Come Every Time I Call My Dad He Can't Hear Me? (Audio)
The big guy, Papa Codes, (Harry is his actual name) freaking cracks me up.  Literally every time I call him, he asks me a thousand times if I can hear him. I always can hear him...always.  I don't understand it, but I love it.  Chrissy and I called him the other morning to try and get the latest new…
Brian's Mom Has Salacious Trump Dream (Audio)
It's been chronicled many times on the show that there's a divide in my parents household when it comes to politics. While Chrissy and I and the rest of the morning show playfully allows for each side to demonstrate their love (or disdain) for their political allegiance, a rather bizarre dream by Ma…
I Found A Halloween Mask That Literally IS My Dad
A few weekends ago while shopping for some Halloween stuff, I stumbled upon a mask that literally looks exactly like my dad, the venerable Papa Codes.  I totally did a double-take because for a split second, I thought it was him peering out at me from inside the rack.
Open Letter To Joseph Girard III On Behalf Of My Dad
On behalf of my 76 year old father Harry, aka Papa Codes, I personally wanted thank you for choosing Syracuse University as the place you'll  play college basketball. Pops in 76 years old today, but you'd think he was a kid the way he glowingly discussed the future of Syracuse …