If I were to ask you the leading cause of death in women, would you be able to tell me? If not, how do you know you're doing enough to prevent it?

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the leading cause of death in women is heart disease (22.3%), causing 1 in 3 deaths in women each year based on Go Red for Women research. Heart disease is a big umbrella that could mean a number of cardiovascular diseases. They generally refer to conditions that involve the narrowing of blood vessels that leads to heart attacks, angina, or strokes.

The best news though is that there are a number of ways to prevent heart disease. The easier ones include knowing your family history and knowing your numbers. The next step would be to get your blood pressure under control, lower your cholesterol, and manage your blood sugar. Overall though, staying active and eating a healthy diet is the best way to prevent these and many other diseases. Check out our post on Hidden Hiking Gems in the Capital Region for some ideas about where you can go to enjoy the New York fall weather, changing leaves, and help keep yourself active.

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