The Call to My Mom I'm So Thankful I Made
I usually speak to my mom every day but sometimes the day gets away from me and we don't connect. Saturday around 6:30 Jenn and I were talking about my mom and Jenn had this feeling that we needed to give her a call. When she answered, we knew almost instantly that something wasn't right. …
L.A. Reporter Did NOT Have a Stroke
Sunday night, after the Grammy Awards, a Los Angeles reporter was about to give a backstage report when she started talking in gibberish.  The news anchor had just tossed it over to KCBS reporter Serene Branson, live backstage at the Staples Center...
Diet Soda May Contribute to a Stroke
Not too long ago we heard that diet soda may contribute equally to heart attacks as regular soda. Today there is news that a nine year study indicated that diet soda may also contribute to strokes.