COVID Test Not Recommended For Air Travel
If I could book a flight and go on vacation, I would do it in a heartbeat. I think I speak for almost everyone when I say I need a vacation. I just want to fly somewhere to get away for a while. We have been cooped up too long. Now the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) may make it even easier.
CDC: Pandemic Creating Bolder, More Aggressive Rats
As many Capital Region restaurants have been forced to provide hungry customers with mostly take-out service, a certain scavenging scoundrel has been under served and according to the CDC, might be getting more and more aggressive.  This underserved population: rats.  The CDC is warning people that …
6 New Covid-19 Symptoms to be Aware of
We are all trying to stay healthy and looking out for symptoms may indicate that we have COVID-19. Now the Center for Disease Control has listed six new symptoms that could be part of the coronavirus.

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