Buying loved ones a present can be one of the most stressful things imaginable. I think the more you love someone the more you feel the pressure to get them just the right thing to express how you feel. The trick however isn't in the present but truly how much thought you put into the person you are giving it to.

This guy gets it! It seems that he had found out about a beloved teddy bear that his fiancee had loved as a child. He then secretly found it in storage and realized why it had been put in storage in the first place, the bear was missing it's nose, eyes and an ear and it's head was actually detached from it's body.

The guy did some research and then sent the bear away to be completely restored.

I think the thing that really makes the gift pay off is that when his fiancee opened the gift she seemed a bit confused until she smelled the bear and it triggered her childhood memories. I think when she then exclaimed "It's Whitey" and began to cry he knew his hard work had paid off.

Thanks a lot guy, for raising the bar for the rest of us!