My friends at Trustco Bank wanted to sponsor a blog from me so I thought I should probably write about banking. Wait! Before you run away and think I'm going to bore you with numbers and interest rates, give me a chance to entertain and inspire you with a love story. A true story that begins in a bank.


Sean and Andrea McMaster

People are always asking me how I met my wife Andrea and the truth is that is a much simpler answer than "how did you get together" because that process took many years and is far too long of a story to tell here. I can however tell you about the day I met her. I do remember that like it was yesterday though at the time I had no idea it would mean so much.

It was a day like most and I had just got my paycheck, which meant waiting in line at a bank. You see kids, back in the day you actually had to go to your bank and deposit your check. As I stood in the line waiting for the bank tellers to call up the customers in front of me one at a time, I noticed a new girl working at one of the windows. She was beautiful to say the least but it was so much more that made her stand out to me. I was standing in this long line that snaked back and forth through the middle of the bank lobby and I found that I couldn't stop watching her. I know, that sounds creepy but actually it was sweet. She made my heart smile.

I wasn't thinking the normal guy things like, "Hey I'd like to find out what her sleep number is."

I was thinking, I love the way this girl sees and interacts with the world around her. She just had a brightness about her, a happiness that seemed infectious to every person that went through her line. Her smile was real and when she said the silly things bank tellers say, like, "have a great day" it never sounded contrived. I found myself smiling just because she was in the room.

As I moved toward the front of the line I began counting the number of people in front of me and trying to figure out if I was going to get called up by her or someone else, I think I may have even contemplated letting someone go ahead of me if I had to, as it turned out it was indeed her that uttered the word that every man dreams of hearing from the woman he will eventually marry, "Next."

I wont over romanticize the next 5 minutes or so but I will say it was fun and flirty and filled with lots of smiling for both of us and as I left the bank I honestly figured I would never see her again. I didn't know that one day we would become acquaintances, then friends, then date, then be friends again, then date again and then get married. As I mentioned that was a long difficult road. The mortgage would come many years later but it did all start with a bank, a long line and one amazing beautiful bank teller.


TrustCo Recognized as One of America’s Top Thrifts
SNL Financial once again named TrustCo Bank Corp NY (TrustCo, Nasdaq: TRST) as one of America’s top banking institutions. SNL recently released its 2014 ranking of the top performers from the largest 100 institutions in the thrift industry. TrustCo ranked 12th based on an objective analysis of profitability, capital strength and asset quality. President and Chief Executive Officer Robert J. McCormick noted, “We are pleased that this independent analysis of TrustCo’s financial performance and condition affirms that our business model continues to produce results that rank among the best in the industry.”