Every year there is one or two toys that every single kid wants but there are none to be found. I think the first time I remember this happening was the Cabbage Patch Kids but we all remember Tickle Me Elmo, The Wii and all the others that followed. This year it seems to be the Hatchimal and the NES Classic Edition that are impossible to find.

Nintendo and Spin Master

Where can you find a Hatchimal or NES Classic Edition in the Capital Region? The short answer is, you cant. You clicked on this post however looking for a little hope, I get it. I will give you a couple of website options that may help but I will tell you straight out right now, if you really want to get a Hatchimal for Christmas you are more than likely going to pay over $100 for it.

I will start by telling you that I have heard a report that Toys R Us were set to receive shipments of both Today,  but how many each store got if any and how long they will last is yet to be seen. I'm willing to bet they are now gone.

There are a couple of websites you can try to track the availability of these toys they are, Now In Stock and Zoolert.

These sites can help you to track the availability of the Hatchimal but odds are if you really want one you will be at the mercy of Ebay. It looks like you will be paying well over a hundred dollars if you go that route.

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I wish you luck but I have to be honest, while I know how much you really want to please your child and keep that "Christmas Magic" I have been on both sides of this situation and I don't think it really matters. There have been years when I went and spent the extra money, like when I went to Ebay to get the Wii when it first came out and other times I just explained that Santa's Elves just couldn't make enough for all the kids. My kids remember none of these Christmas' because of the gifts they got or didn't get.