'Tis the Seizing....

It's not even Black Friday yet and it looks like some of the biggest deals (and steals) of the season may be  coming from a rather unlikely place.  If you're into high end sports collectibles and retro sneakers -  or know someone who is - the New York State Office of General Services (NYS OGS) is auctioning off an impressive array of these goods on their Ebay page. These are all items that have been seized during various drug busts according to CBS 6 News.

Some of the items include:  autographed Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls and Tar Heel memorabilia, hard-to-get 'retro' Air Jordans (in the box) as well as autographed baseballs and a signed photographed of Yankee legends Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and manager Joe Torre. 

According to the NYS OGS, there are "188 pairs of sneakers and 14 pieces of sports memorabilia will be added to the list of furniture....and other government surplus items usually sold by New York State on eBay."  Some of the items are not available yet as OGS appears to be auctioning off the items periodically, but according to CBS 6 News, 4 of the pairs of sneakers were made available on Wednesday afternoon.

Click here to see what is currently available for auction on Ebay.com and check back periodically to see what new items are available.

Check out the the gallery of impressive items seized during New York drug raids available on Ebay

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