The days of sitting in front of the TV and playing Mario Kart are over. You will soon be able to play anywhere you go with a new Mario Kart game for your phone. Back in 1992, the beloved Mario Kart game came out for Nintendo and you could race your favorite characters through different courses and levels. You could play it on the original game system, the GameBoy, Game Cube, and the Nintendo Wii. Now they are bringing it to your smartphone.

According to News 10 ABC, the Mario franchise has had apps developed for smartphones in the past. The Super Mario Run game became an app in 2016 and thirty-seven million people downloaded it in the first seventy-two hours.

The Mario Kart game app will be released on September 25th for the Apple iOS (iPhone 6s or newer, iPod Touch 7th generation or newer, and iPad's with 64 bit CPUs). It will also be available for Android 4.4 or newer.

You are able to pre-register for the app through your Nintendo account.

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