Baldness is no fun.  I miss my advancing hairline.  I'm kind of sensitive about it, but a friend of mine had an idea for a song parody about this very subject.  All he had was the title, but it made me laugh so hard that I decided to "lighten up" and go with it.  Results to follow. 

I don't share this picture often, but this is a "before shot" from a piano bar in  the early 80's, proving that I once had a mop top. It's also proving once again that you should appreciate what you have, 'cuz you never know when it's gonna be gone .

I'm a little embarrassed to show an "after" picture, but - what the heck-


Now in this shot you can see the impending "combover", although I've never consciously gone to that extreme.  Nonetheless, I now present the parody, with special thanks to buddy and fellow musician, Bruce Lamica for providing the idea.


Apologies to Kenny Chesney for ruining his number one hit, "Come Over", by the way .  And one more "by the way" for you, I found a funny website that features a gallery of comb overs from Google. That'll keep you busy for another 5 hours.  Enjoy