Every weekday morning at 8:10 we bring you some "Good News" on the "Sean and Richie Show". It's just our way of saying that yes despite all of the horrible things you hear about on the news everyday there actually are some good stories. Sometimes it's about an act of kindness, sometimes it's a fortunate twist of fate, maybe a child who goes above and beyond and other times , like today it could be something as simple as the love of a pet.

I think one of the greatest things about a dog is they really do not care how much money you have or where you live, heck if you are good to them , they don;t even care if you have no place to live.

Lauri da Costa is a homeless man in Brazil. Last week he went to the hospital because someone hit him with a rock. When he went in to the emergency his dog, "Seco" waited for him outside. Well, the good news is it may have been fortunate the Lauri was hit with the rock because while they were treating him Doctors found out that he also had skin cancer and they have been treating him for it.

Meanwhile, Seco waited outside, and waited , and waited. In fact Seco has been outside that hospital for the last 2 weeks while his master has been under treatment. A hospital worker noticed Seco and has been bringing him food and water everyday while he waits, and just recently he had a chance to go inside for a few minutes to see Lauri.

Check it out:

And that my friend, is the GOOD NEWS!

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